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Easy Thai Beef Salad Cups

Ingredients on offer in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ingredients on offer in Chiang Mai, Thailand

I love the flavor of Thai food, but it can be a little time consuming to prepare. This easy elegant wrap is simplified with bought roast beef.  These little lettuce cups make a great appetizer, served on a big, pretty platter, or a simple cold summer supper.  Choose a roast beef from the deli counter that is not highly seasoned or specially flavored and do not have it sliced paper thin. 

Easy Thai Beef Salad Cups

1/4 cup fish sauce

1/2 Tablespoon sesame oil

Juice of one lime

2 Tablespoons light brown sugar

1 scallion

1 small shallot

1 teaspoon minced garlic

1 small red chile (optional)

4 mint leaves

4 basil leaves

2 sprigs cilantro leaves

4 ounces deli roast beef

1/2 cucumber

1 head butter lettuce

1/4 cup salted peanuts, chopped

In an airtight container with a lid, whisk together the fish sauce, sesame oil, lime juice and brown sugar until the sugar is dissolved.  Chop the scallion and shallot and add with the garlic to the marinade. (Chop the chile and add to the marinade if using). Chop the mint, basil and cilantro and add to the marinade.  Whisk to mix thoroughly.

Cut the roast beef into thin strips.  Drop into the marinade, place the lid on the container tightly and shake to coat.  Refrigerate several hours, shaking occasionally to keep covered.

When ready to serve, slice the cucumber into matchstick pieces or thin half moons. Remove the beef from the marinade – shake it off, but leaves some clinging to the meat.  Place in a bowl with the cucumbers and toss to combine.  Separate several leaves of lettuce and fill each one with the beef mixture.  Sprinkle with chopped peanuts.

Serves 4 – 6


9 comments to Easy Thai Beef Salad Cups

  • Valerie Marchese

    Hi PC – I’m really enjoying your blog! Do you think I could make this recipe with chicken? I’m trying to keep a “wrap” on my cholesterol. Best wishes, Valerie

  • admin

    I am not sure chicken will hold up to it, but give it a try. Whole Foods has roast beef that is nitrate and preservative free.

  • flourpower

    I left out the chile, but the combination of herbs, cucumber, peanuts, beef and sauce was terrific – very refreshing.

  • Jane Ridolfi

    hmmmmm YUM! what a great idea to get the roast beef from deli counter!.

  • I agree with Jane. That is an awesome idea! I know what my next party hors d’oeuvres will be!
    #Gluten Free

  • Pat Newberry

    Your mom put me on to this blog, and I love it. I am going to buy roastbeef today!

  • Liz

    Would this work ok to marinate overnight or would you wait until the morning to put the meat into the mixture? I’ve got a 2pm babyshower this Sunday I’m thinking of it for – and if I did this as the main course, what else would you suggest I serve?

  • Leaving the beef in the marinade too long will result in mushy beef. You can mix the marinade the night before, and blend it well before dropping the beef in for a few hours. This is a simple Thai-style dish, so you could serve it with rice noodles or rice or stir fried veggies.

  • Liz

    The Thai Beef Salad cups were a huge hit! Thanks for the idea. I served them with a fruit dish (pineapple, honeydew, mango, crystalized ginger, mint, cilantro, honey thing from epicurious). Nice light snack for a small afternoon baby shower. I’ll send your new fans to the site (:

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